Human Resource Management

Types of training

There are different types of training programme on the basis of the need of the employees. These are:

i) Induction training: as we have done in the topic of induction that it is the process of giving the new entrant information about the rules, regulations, policies and procedures of the organization. This type of training is given to help him to learn about the work environment. It is nothing but the introduction of the organization to the newly employed person. It is short and informative training given just after recruitment.

ii) Job training: it means giving the training to the workers relating to a particular job which he has to do. It is the most common training which is given to the new employee to teach them the job they are expected to perform.

iii) Apprenticeship training: in this type of training the trainees learn the skill at the same time they earn money also so it is earned when you learn. The government of various countries has passed the rules to get apprenticeship training compulsory which is the combination of job training and class room instruction.

iv) Refresher training: it is training for the old employees to help them to learn the latest methods of doing the job. as the existing skills become obsolete with the time and due to technological change so they to keep them up to date with the new skills.

v)  Training for promotion:  the purpose of the training for promotion is to keep the employees fit for the higher job responsibility. This kind of training act as a motivating force for the employees.

I hope you got the idea of types of training.

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