Human Resource Management

Concept and aims of training

Now a days the need of training if employees is very much important to keep the employees in touch with the new technology. When a new employee joined the organization the next step is to give him a necessary training so that he will be able to do the job as required from him. It is the process of teaching the employee specific skills. Training is required not only for the organization but also for the employee. The need for training is required due to changing technology, to satisfy the customers through continuously improved training, to increase the productivity of the employees and to increase safety because only trained workers can handle the machines safely.

Training is an organized activity which involves systematic procedures for transferring the technical know how to the employees to increase their knowledge to do a specific job. So it is the act of increasing the skill of an employee for doing a particular job. Training is not only important for new employee rather it is equally important for old employees because of new technology or new machinery. So it is a continuous process. Training programmes must bring a positive change in the knowledge, skill, and attitude of the employee..

This is the concept of training

Aims of training

i) To increase the knowledge of the workers to do a particular job.

ii) To change the attitude of the workers regarding a particular job.

iii) To help the workers in proper handling of machines.

iv) To reduce the accidents by giving safety training to the employees.

v) To improve the overall performance of the workers.

vi) To help the workers for developing their skills for higher jobs.

These are the aims or objectives of training.

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