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How to calculate the maturity period of PPF

Dear Friends, In one of my earlier articles, I have explained one of the best tax-free investments which is the public provident fund commonly known as PPF. One of the questions that come into the mind of many investors that how to calculate the maturity period pr how to calculate 15 financial years. As lock-in period for PPF is 15 years with certain conditions investors can withdraw money earlier.

Let us try to understand how to calculate 15 years. Suppose you have invested money in August 2008 and as per initial and spontaneous calculations, the fifteenth year will be 2022. But this is the wrong calculation. To calculate the maturity period of ppf, the initial year of investment will not be calculated. The first financial year will start on 1 April 2009, let us see from the following table the last financial year:

S. No. Financial Year Start DateFinacial Year End Date
11 April 200931 March 2010
21 April 201031 March 2011
31 April 201131 March 2012
41 April 201231 March 2013
51 April 201331 March 2014
61 April 201431 March 2015
71 April 201531 March 2016
81 April 201631 March 2017
91 April 201731 March 2018
101 April 201831 March 2019
111 April 201931 March 2020
121 April 202031 March 2021
131 April 202131 March 2022
141 April 202231 March 2023
151 April 202331 March 2024

Thus, from the above table, you can see that the last financial year to contribute is 2023-24. If one wants to invest after that one can apply for an extension for 5-year block.

Thus, I hope you have understood how to calculate the maturity period of ppf or 15 financial years. Please share in comments sections, in any case of any query.

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