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Features or Characteristics of Principles of Management

Principles of management are broad and general guidelines for decision making. These are helpful for the managers while taking decisions about the organisation. Let us discuss the following features or characteristics of Principles of management:

1. Management principles are pervasive:

It means that management principles are universal in nature. These principles are applicable universally in all types of organisations whether big or small, profitable or non profitable. Even at all levels of Management these principles are applicable.

2. General guidelines:

These principles act as guidelines for decision making. These are not ready made solution to all the managerial problems.

3. Formation by regular practice and experimentation:

Management principles are not developed overnight. They are based on regular practice. Even these are the result of the experiments which are performed in the real organisation situation.

4. Flexible in nature:

Management principles are not rigid principles. They can be modified by the managers as per the situation for example division of work cannot be applicable in small enterprise where as in large Enterprise it is necessary to follow this principle.

5. Behavioural:

Management principles are behavioural in nature as their main aim is to influence the behaviour of the human beings. Management principles enable a better understanding of relationship between human and material resources which is helpful in achieving the goal of the organisation.

6. Cause and effect relationship:

Management principles establish a cause and effect relationship. Applying any principle to a particular situation is the cause and the result of the application of principle is its effect so it means the application of management principle in any situation means what will be the effect of that principle.

7. Management principles are contingent:

t means the application of Management principles are dependent upon the situation present at a particular point of time. As there are different situations in an organisation so management principles vary as per the need of the situation.

To conclude Management  Principles are the guidelines  to action. They help  the managers to take and implement  the decisions.

Above are the 7 Features or Characteristics of Principles of Management.

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