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Meaning, Elements and Principles of Delegation of Authority

Meaning of Delegation of Authority:

Delegation of authority means transfer of authority from superior to subordinate. It always flows downloads from top level to the lower level. Delegation means the manager shares his responsibility with his subordinates but it doesn’t mean that he is free from his responsibility and accountability.

Elements of delegation  of authority:

Three elements of delegation  of authority;  Authority, Responsibility and Accountability

1.Authority : It refers to the power to do the work. Authority originates by the virtue of position it is highest at the top level and lowest at the lower level. AS per the authority the managers take the decisions and the subordinates follow their directions given by the superiors.

2. Responsibility: It refers to the handover of responsibility to do a particular work. It flows upward subordinate is always responsible to his superior. Responsibility is always given with the sense of authority because only with A certain authority perform person will be able to do the job properly.

3. Accountability: It means the subordinate is answerable for the task given to him. Accountability means one cannot escape from the responsibility provided to him. Accountability arises from responsibility. Accountability arises when authority is delegated and responsibility is accepted.

Thus, Authority is delegated, Responsibility is accepted and accountability is  imposed.

Principles of delegation of authority:

  1. There should be balance between authority and responsibility if authority is more than the responsibility It may misuse the authority And if the responsibility is more than the authority then it may leave Underperformance
  2.  Delegation of authority does not mean that superior is relieved from his accountability it is just sharing of the responsibility and authority ultimately he will be responsible for the job assigned to him.
  3. Delegation of Authority can be re delegated if the superior is not satisfied with the work performed by his subordinate then he can re delegate the authority to another subordinate it for better performance.
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