Human Resource Management


Meaning and nature of selection

Selection represents a series of steps to be followed for choosing the suitable person for the vacant job. This process starts after recruitment and divides the candidates in two parts those who will be offered job and those will not be. So this is a negative process as compare to recruitment. There is a need of well-organized selection process because only then right type of candidate can be selected and unsuitable candidates are rejected.

 Difference between recruitment and selection

1) Recruitment is a positive process as it attracts the persons for the job while selection is a negative process as it rejects the person who is unsuitable for the job.

2)  The aim of recruitment is to create a pool of employees for the job while the aim of selection is to eliminate unsuitable candidates.

3) Recruitment is a simple process as it is just inviting applications from the personnel while the selection is a complex process where the main task is to selecting the right candidate for the right job.

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