Human Resource Management

Recent trends in recruitment

With the advancement in technology there are coming so many ways of recruitment of personnel. The companies are using them to keep them free from the extra burden. The recent trends in recruitment are:

1) Outsourcing: now days there are many companies who are doing the outsourcing work. These outsourcing firms themselves appoint the employees and provide them to the companies as per the requirement of that company. the outsourcing firms get the payment from the company and give the salary to the personnel directly as the personnel is the employee of outsourced firm not of the company. This is called leasing of human resources.

2) Poaching or raiding: it means employing an experienced person of another company by offering him a higher pay, status or other terms and conditions. This strategy is used to weaken the strength of the competitor.

3) e- recruitment or websites: there are lot of sites like, who help both the company to find suitable candidate as well as the personnel to find the suitable job. Otherwise the companies at their own website invite the applicants for the job vacancies and the job seekers mail their C.V. to the companies so this method helps the companies by saving their time for recruitment as well as doing the recruitment work efficiently.

Thus, these above discussed are the main recent trends in recruitment.

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