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Meaning and concept of recruitment

Meaning of recruitment:

Recruitment is the process of searching the candidates for employment and stimulating them to apply for jobs in the organization. It is the process of bringing together those who are offering jobs and those who are seeking jobs. Recruitment is a positive process where a pool of prospective employees is created and management select the right person for the right job from this pool. It provides a base for the selection process.

Process of recruitment:

i) Firstly it identify the different sources of employee supply

ii) To check their validity

iii) Selecting the most suitable source

iv) Inviting the applications from the prospective candidate for the vacancy.

Sources of recruitment:

Broadly, there are two main sources of recruitment

1) Internal sources of recruitment which means recruitment from within the organization.

2)External sources of recruitment means recruitment from outside the organization.


1) Internal sources of recruitment which means recruitment from within the organization:

i) Transfer: it means shifting of employees from one job to another. There is no drastic change in the pay or status of the employees it generally remains the same.

ii) Promotion: it means shifting the employee to higher position with the change in the pay or status.

iii) Internal advertisement: it means appointing the employees from within the organization through advertisement.

iv) Lent services: it means employing the person for newly started plant in the organization.

v) Extension of services: it is extending the service of employees by recruiting them again.

vi) Absorption of trainees: those who come in the organization for training employing them.

2) External sources of recruitment mean recruitment from outside the organization:  

i) Advertisement: it is a way to attract number of employees by giving advertisement in the newspaper.

ii) Casual callers: the good organizations have a list of casual callers also who apply them and the organization instead of giving new advertisement give a call to these casual callers.

iii) Employment exchange: it is a good source of recruitment where the candidates are called with the help of employment exchange.

iv) Educational institutions: here the company’s go to the educational institutions from where they select the suitable employees for the job.

v) Labor union: the organization may select the candidate from the labor union of the company to satisfy the labors also.

vi) Recommendation of employees: sometimes the employees working in the organization also suggest the name of suitable candidate for the appointment.

vii) Waiting lists: generally the organization s prepares the waiting lists of the employees. Sometimes the selected candidates failed to join in that case the waiting list employees are called.

Thus the above said are the main sources of recruitment of the employees within the organization and outside the organization which are used by the organization to employ the employees.

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