Human Resource Management

Organization of executive development programme

The following are the different steps or processes of the organization of executive development programme

1) Analysis of developmental needs:- before launching the development programme it is very essential to analysis the development needs of the organization. There should be clarity regarding how many and what type of managers required development programmes.

2) Stock of management talents:- it is prepared to have a complete picture of each executive in each position. The individual are selected for the development programme on the basis of the background they possess.

3) Appraisal of talents:- a regular assessment of the existing employees is made to find out the type of talent in the organization. Then their performance is compared with the set standards. It helps in knowing their strength and weaknesses.

4) Establishment of development programme:- after doing the above steps it is the duty of human resource department to provide the development opportunities in the organization by establishing different development programmes.

5) Planning development programmes for individuals: – based on the information available the development programmes are planned.

6) Evaluation of executive development:- it is necessary to have a systematic evaluation of executive development to check the changes that are required to be make the development programme more successful.

The above are the steps of Organization of executive development programme.

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