Human Resource Management

Concept and stages of career development

A career is a sequence of positions held by a person during the course of his working life. It is the different jobs a person holds during his life time. Career planning is not an event or not an end itself it is the process of development of human resources.

Stages of career development

Development of career of an individual undergoes through a number of stages these stages are;

1) Exploration:- it is the pre employment stage. It ends for most of the individuals in their mid twenties when they make the transition from college to work. It is the period when a number of expectations are made about one’s career.

2) Establishment:- this stage takes 10 years from the age of 25 years onwards. In this stage person tries to settle in the job he is doing. In the early years of this stage the individual is designated as junior and at the end of this stage he becomes the senior member of the organization.

3) Mid career:- mid-career starts with the age of individual when he is 35 and ends with when he is 45. At this stage person is no longer learner. This stage is most stressful. The person wants advancement at this stage and search for new goal in the life. Those who make successful transition at this stage get rewards in their late career.

4) Late career:- this stage starts from 40’s and ends at the age of 60. For those who continue to grow in their mid-career for them this period is most pleasant one. It is the stage when one enjoys the status of a statesman.

5) Decline:- this is the stage when the person is forced to step out from the limelight. This is the stage of frustration for the high achievers because they are in the habit of doing something and but a pleasant time for mediocre. Towards the end of this stage the person is forced to get retired from the organization. This stage brings a major change in the person’s life because now the life structure of the individual is totally changed.

These are the steps or stages of career development.

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