Human Resource Management

Job analysis and its aims

Job analysis:

Job analysis is a systematic study of job, to know the kind of people to be employed for each job. it is the process of determining the knowledge, ability, attitude and skills required by the workers for successfully performing the job. Human resource planning is concerned with the manpower requirement both in terms of quantity as well as quality. Quantitative aspect means total number of workers required in a particular time period. While the qualitative aspect means the type of people required for doing the job. The process by which qualitative aspect is judged is called job analysis. 

Job description and job specification are the immediate products of job analysis. Job description consists of requirements of job and job specification means qualities demanded from the job holder. Job analysis further help in job evaluation which is concerned with determining the relative worth of various jobs.

Thus the emphasis of job analysis is determining the principal duties of a job, the nature of skill, aptitude required to perform these duties and relation of job to other jobs in the organization.

Aims of job analysis:

The aims of job analysis are to study the processes, simplify the methods, establishing time standards for doing the work, provide information regarding compensation and other benefits and improve the personnel activities like recruitment, selection, training, appraisal etc.

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