Human Resource Management

Importance or uses or benefits of job analysis

Job analysis is an important component of human resource management system. It is the process of determining the type of person required to be employed for doing the job.

The importance or uses or benefits of job analysis are as follows:

1) Human resource planning: job analysis helps in human resource planning as job analysis is a qualitative aspect which means the type of people required for doing the job. it is the job analysis which helps in kind of job, qualification required and what an average person can do on a job in a day. Thus it helps in division of work which is an essential element for the human resource planning.

2) Recruitment and selection: to make an employment programme successful it is necessary to have a complete knowledge of job description (requirement of job) and job specification (requirement of job holder). Both of them help in the effective execution of the employment programme.

3) Placement: job analysis helps in proper placement of the employees as it helps in proper pacing of the employees as per their interest and abilities. Thus, a person is assigned to the job which is best fitted for him.

4) Training and development: the purpose of training and development is to help the employees in gaining the skill required for doing the job. This aim can be achieved successfully if the employees are aware of job description as well as the job specification which means they must be aware of what is expected from them. This helps in making the content of training and development effective.

5) Job evaluation: job evaluation is the process of determining the relative worth of various jobs which means the compensation of job. to calculate the worth of job description helps a lot.

6) Performance appraisal: to check the performance of the employees the actual work done by the employees is compared with the set standards. So here job analysis data can be used to establish the standards for every job.

7) Employee counseling: job analysis helps the employees in making career choices. Employees who are not able to cope with the present job are advised to opt for other job which is less demanding.

8) Job design: job analysis helps in designing as well as redesigning the job.

9) Organizational design: job analysis helps in effective organizational design by making balance between authority and responsibility.

10) Safety and health: job analysis helps in making proper measures to identify the unhealthy environment so corrective measures can be taken to ensure proper safety and avoid unhealthy conditions.

These are the importance or uses or benefits of job analysis.

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