Human Resource Management

8 Steps in job analysis

In last article we have discussed the benefits of job analysis. Today we will discuss the steps or methods or processes involved in job analysis. Job analysis mainly consists of following 8 steps:

1) Organize and plan for programme: the organization must determine who will be the in charge of the programme and must assign the responsibilities to the designated person.

2) Obtain current job design information: the designated person should next obtain current job description, job specification.

3) Conduct required research: the job analyst should investigate which are the persons in the organization require job analysis.

4) Establish priorities in job analysis: the personnel department should identify the jobs to be analyzed first.

5) Collection of job data: next step is to collect the data about the selected job.

6) Redesign the job: then the job is redesigned if necessary.

7) Preparation of job description: then the job description is prepared which consists of main features of the job along with duties, location and degree of risk involved.

8) Preparation of job specification: it consists of requirement of the job holder for successfully performing the job.

These are the 8 steps in job analysis

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