Human Resource Management

Methods or techniques of collecting data for job analysis

For job analysis there is the need of data and it can be collected by different methods. They are the following:

1) Company records: they are very important technique for giving the information about the job analysis. The job analyst can check the company records to get all the information required for the job analysis.

2) Personal interview: personal interview of the job holder is an important method for collecting information about the job analysis. For this purpose the job analyst can use a questionnaire. Here the job analyst tries to draw out a description of the job as the respondent sees it.

3) Observation method: under this method the job analyst observes the individual while performing the job and takes notes to describe the tasks and duties performed. If the job is simple one then the observation is the only technique for data collection.

4) Diary or log of job incumbent: this method means maintaining the diary or log by the job incumbent on a daily basis. It provides the information about the job.

5) Recording: here the job analyst makes the recordings of the individual through tapes or films.

Thus it is the job analyst to decide which method or the combination of methods to be used for job analysis that incorporate various features of job analysis.

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