Human Resource Management

Different types of Employment tests

Employment tests or selection tests are done after getting the interview letter and before going to the interview. These tests are done to check the ability of the candidate. They vary from organization to organization and change as per the need of a particular job. These tests must be designed properly otherwise they will not good indicator of one knowledge. These tests are intelligence tests, aptitude tests, trade tests, interest test, personality tests etc.

 1) Proficiency test: this test is done to check the skill and ability of the candidate. This test further includes two types of test.

i) Trade test or achievement test: this test is done to check the skill and ability of the candidate in a specific trade.

selection test

ii) Dexterity test: this test checks how quickly a candidate is using his hands to complete the task.

2) Aptitude test: this test used to find out the potential in a candidate to learn the skill, required to perform the job.

i) Intelligence test: this test checks the intelligence of the candidate. IQ is judged through specially designed written or oral questions.

ii) Interest test: this test judge the candidate on the basis of interest means in which work he is taking more interest.

iii) Personality test: this test judge the personality of the candidate in respect of his character, self confidence likes and dislikes.

iv) Movement test: it is used to check the speed of the candidate while performing the job.

So all the above employment tests are used while making the selection of the candidate depending upon the organization to organization.

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