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Types of employment interview

The candidates who qualify the employment tests are called for the employment interview. This interview is done to get more information about the candidate, to give him the actual picture of what is required from him, to check the communication skill of the candidate etc. for senior position post; a panel is prepared who take the interview. At the end of interview of each candidate, the members of the panel discuss about the candidate and give him the grades. The interview should be conducted in a room free from the noise and disturbance only than the candidates will be able to speak freely and frankly. There are different types of employment interview. They are:

 i) Direct employment interview or structured employment interview: it is called structured interview because here the interviewer the person who is taking the interview has a set pattern of questions to be asked from the candidate. No indirect questioning is done from the candidate.

ii) Indirect employment interview: in this case the interviewer does not have any set questions to ask from the candidate. So here he asks the candidate to express his views on a particular topic.

employment interview

iii) Board or panel interview: in this interview there is not a single person who is taking the interview but there is a panel of 4-6 persons who conduct the interview and ask the questions from the candidate.

iv) Group interview: this kind of interview is also called house party technique. In this case not a single candidate is interviewed at a time while there is a number of candidates who are interviewed at one time. All of them are generally asked to speak on a particular topic and then judged by the interviewers on the basis of their way of expression.

v) In depth or planned interview: in this case the interview question about each and every thing related to the particular job requirement.

vi) Stress interview: in this kind of interview the interviewer continuously made a stress upon the candidate and keep him nervous and trying to prove him wrong every time.

viii) Patterned interview: it is the combination of direct as well as indirect interview where the interviewer has set questions as well as he asks questions from outside the set pattern.

Thus, the above are main types of employment interview conducted while selecting the candidate. The choice of type of interview is being used depends upon the organization as well as the job requirement.

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