Concept, objectives, scope, importance of Human resource planning

Concept of human resource planning:

Human resource (HR) planning or manpower planning is the process by which the organization ensures that it has the right kind of people, at right time, at right place and they are working effectively and efficiently and help the organization in achieving the overall objective. It is a continuous process. Of developing and determining objectives, policies that will procure, develop and utilize human resources to achieve the goal of the organization. Continue reading “Concept, objectives, scope, importance of Human resource planning”

Nature, objectives and scope of human resource management

In last articles, I have discussed “what is human resource management” and difference between human resource management and personnel management. Today let us discuss the nature, objectives and scope of human resource management.

 Nature of human resource management (HRM):

1. inherent part of management :- human resource management is inherent part of management because if the manager wants to draw best out of his people, he must do the basic responsibility of selecting people who will work under him along with this he must train, motivate appraise them from time to time. Continue reading “Nature, objectives and scope of human resource management”

What is human resource management

Human resource management is concerned with all aspects of managing the human resources of an organization. Mainly it is concerned with determining the organizations need for human resource s, recruiting and selecting the best available employees, developing, counseling and rewarding employees acting as a liaison with unions and government organizations.

Traditionally the term personnel management was used which is concerned with getting better results with collaboration of people. It deals with planning, organizing, directing and controlling the personnel functions of the enterprise. Continue reading “What is human resource management”