Human Resource Management

What is human resource management

Human resource management is concerned with all aspects of managing the human resources of an organization. Mainly it is concerned with determining the organizations need for human resource s, recruiting and selecting the best available employees, developing, counseling and rewarding employees acting as a liaison with unions and government organizations.

Traditionally the term personnel management was used which is concerned with getting better results with collaboration of people. It deals with planning, organizing, directing and controlling the personnel functions of the enterprise.

After 1970, due to technological changes, growing competition, deregulation, globalization in many countries the term personnel management was changed to human resource management. According to Dessler,” Human resource management is the process of acquiring, training, appraising, and compensating employees and attending to their labor relations, health, safety and fairness concerns.”

Human resource management is the part of management process which develops and manages the human element of the enterprise. Every individual working in the organization is the part of human resources.

This is definition or history of human resource management.

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