Human Resource Management

Nature, objectives and scope of human resource management

In last articles, I have discussed “what is human resource management” and difference between human resource management and personnel management. Today let us discuss the nature, objectives and scope of human resource management.

 Nature of human resource management (HRM):

1. inherent part of management :- human resource management is inherent part of management because if the manager wants to draw best out of his people, he must do the basic responsibility of selecting people who will work under him along with this he must train, motivate appraise them from time to time.

2. Pervasive function: – it is a pervasive function which means that every person in the organization from top to lower level is required to perform this function at continuous basis.

3. People centered: – it is concerned with all kind of personnel from top to bottom of the organization.

4. Personnel functions: – it involves various functions concerned with managing people from manpower planning, recruitment, selection, placement, training, appraisal to compensation of employees.

5. Continuous process: – it is not a one step function rather it is a continuous process.

 These are the 5 nature of human resource management.

 Objectives of human resource management:

  1. To procure right type of persons at right time and at right job.
  2. To ensure effective utilization of human resources.
  3. To ensure development of human resources.
  4. To provide them right kind of training to increase their productivity.
  5. To ensure their welfare needs.
  6. To satisfy them by providing monetary and non monetary benefits.
  7. To maintain high morale among the employees.
  8. To ensure proper safety measures.

These are the 8 objectives of human resource management.

 Scope of human resource management:

1. Manpower planning means determining the number and kind of personnel required to fill various positions in the organizations.

2. Recruitment, selection, placement of personnel.

3. Training and development of employees.

4. Performance appraisal of the employees.

5. Motivating the employees by providing them proper financial and non financial incentives.

6. Social and welfare security of the employees.

7. Audit of personnel policies, procedures and practices of the organization.

 These are the 7 scopes of human resource management.

 I hope you like this article nature, objectives and scope of human resource management.

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