Human Resource Management

4 methods to measure the Employee Morale

To measure the morale of employee directly is difficult as it is an intangible state of mind of the workers. But there are four methods of measuring the morale of the employee indirectly. These are discussed below.

1.)    Morale Survey :- In this method the management may conduct a morale survey to find out the morale of the employees. For this purpose the management may conduct direct interview or can use Questionnaires. In case of direct interview of each employee is interviewed separately and he is asked about his job while in case of questionnaire a certain questions are printed and a copy of these questions is given to every workers.

2.)    Morale Indicators :-This shows the attitude of the employee towards the organization. Morale indicators are the factors which include labor turnover, accident rate, training record absenteeism etc. These factors are the indicators of variation in the morale of the employee, which can help the management to analyse the causes of fluctuation in the morale of the employee and take corrective action.

3.)    Use of Suggestion Boxes :- Here the employees are asked to put their grievances and suggestions in a box without disclosing their identity. This method is suitable where employees have no courage to place their dissatisfaction openly.

4.)    Observation of Employee’s attitude : – Here the morale of the employee is observed by his activities and behaviour. The managers generally measure the morale of an employee by his productivity. But this method is not reliable as morale may be high but productivity may be low and vice versa.

The above are the 4 methods to measure the employee morale. If you know more than please share.

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