Meaning of various banking terms

One day I have seen the abbreviation CSW in my bank statement. I was not able to get the meaning of same and I searched a lot then found that the meaning of CSW is “cash withdrawal”. Then I decided to write an article about various abbreviations or terms used in banking industry and most of these you must have seen in your bank statement. Here is the list of various banking terms used:

  1. AFT: ATM funds transfer
  2. ATW: ATM cash withdrawal
  3. CDR: Cheque returned in clearing
  4. CHD: Cheque deposit
  5. CHQ: Cheque paid in clearing
  6. CSD: Cash deposit
  7. CSW: Cash withdrawal
  8. DDC: Demand draft issued
  9. FTC: Funds transfer credit
  10. FTD: Funds transfer debit
  11. MSC: Miscellaneous credit
  12. MSD: Miscellaneous debit
  13. SCD: Service charge debit
  14. SIC: Standing instructions credit
  15. SID: Standing instructions debit
  16. SWC: Sweep in credit
  17. SWD: Sweep in debit
  18. TFT: FD opened

These are the number of banking terms or abbreviations you must have seen in your bank account statements. There are many other banking terms. I will update the article in future with these banking terms.

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