Human Resource Management

Methods to increase high employee morale

It is very difficult to build and maintain high morale. Morale cannot be maintained at a high level forever. It is not static, it keeps on changing. But there are various methods which can help to increase a high employee morale:

  1. Fair Remuneration :- The pay of the workers should be fair otherwise it may lead to conflict among the workers and reduce the morale of the employees.
  2. Job Satisfaction  : – There should be right person on the right job. Otherwise the workers will not be satisfied with the job they are working.
  3. Training : –  The workers must be given proper training from time to time, if they are properly trained, they will feel that management is interested in them and they will do the job with dedication. You should have someone in your organization with a masters in human resources management that can properly train and teach your employees to the standards of your organization.
  4. Working Condition : – The place where the workers are working should be clean and proper safety, lighting arrangements should be there only then workers will feel satisfied from their job and have high morale.
  5. Rewards  :– Employees should be given monetary and non – monetary rewards, this helps in motivating them.
  6. Participation of Workers : – Management should allow the participation of workers in the management. The workers must be taken into confidence before making any change.
  7. Proper Communication : – There should be proper communication between management and the workers which will increase the morale of the employees.

8.  Counseling : – The organization can appoint psychologist to provide counseling to the employees. If it is properly implemented it will help in reducing the conflicts in the minds of the workers.

These are the various methods to increase the employee morale.

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