Human Resource Management

Methods of Job Design

The methods of job design include job simplification, job rotation, job enlargement and job enrichment:

1) Job simplification: under this method the complete job is broken into small sub parts which do not require much specialized training.

2) Job rotation: it means shifting the people from one job to another within the working group. So that there is variety of job as well as relief from the boredom. As per Hertzberg it is one zero for other as there is transfer of job to same level and status. Job rotation may be horizontal where the employee spends two to three months in one activity or it may be situational where the person is shifted to another job because when the first one is no longer challenging to him

3) Job enlargement: here job is horizontally enhanced. it means giving variety of tasks or duties to be performed by the employees at the same level. So it is adding zero to zero which means giving the employees more tasks to do at the same level. For example clerk in an office only do typing work so his job enlargement can be done by providing him the task of drafting letters, filling the letters etc.

4) Job enrichment: it is a motivational technique. Where the content of the job is increased or upgrading the scope or challenges of the work. It is a vertically enhanced job by adding functions from other organizational levels, making it contain more variety and challenges and offer pride to the employee. In this way, he gains the feeling of higher status and power.

Thus all these are the different methods of job design.

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