Human Resource Management

Difference between job enlargement and job enrichment

We have already discussed the concepts of job enlargement and job design, today let us discuss the difference between the two:

1) Meaning: job enlargement means giving variety of tasks or duties to be performed by the employees at the same level. Whereas job enrichment means increasing the content of the job or upgrading the scope or challenges of the job.

2) Nature: it involves horizontal expansion of the job while job enrichment involves vertical loading of the job on the job holder.

3) Purpose: the aim of job enlargement is to reduce the monotony in performing same kind of work again and again while job enrichment is a motivational technique to give the employee more challenges.

4) Requirement of skill: the job enlargement does not require the more skill on the part of job holder while the job enrichment requires more skill due to more challenging job.

5) Supervision: the job holder needs more supervision while the job enrichment requires less supervision.

These are the major differences between job enlargement and job enrichment. If you know other, then please share with us.

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