Human Resource Management

Concept of promotion and promotion policy

Meaning of promotion:

Promotion means giving higher position to an employee with higher pay, higher status, and more responsibility. The purpose of the promotion is to employ the present employee to a higher post with higher responsibility rather than employing from the outside the organization.

There is the difference between up gradation and promotion. Up gradation means change in the pay of the employee without change in the job while promotion means change in the pay with the change in the job position of the employee.

Promotion policy

 It is the responsibility of the HR department to have an effective promotion policy. It should be in writing and must be understood by all the employees. For the success of the promotion policy the employee assessment should be done regularly and in an objective manner so that the employees must have faith in the promotion policy. Internal staff should be given a fair chance of promotion before filling the post through outside recruitment.

The promotion policy must consider merit, potential and seniority of the employees. The merit of the employee is judged by evaluating the performance of the employee the performance can be judged by regular performance appraisal. Next is the potential of the employee which means whether the employee is capable of doing the job or not. Then comes the seniority, which can be easily calculated by the length of the service of particular employee in the organization. But sometimes senior persons are not promoted in that case management must have suitable reason for it.

I hope you understood the concept of promotion and promotion policy.

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