Human Resource Management

Concept and types of transfer

Meaning of transfer:

A transfer is a change in the job within the same organization with pay, status, responsibility remaining the same. Transfer may become necessary in the organization due to various reasons like placing the employee to a position more suitable to his interest and attitude, due to change in the organizational culture or to rectify the mistakes in the selection and placement of the employees.

Types of transfers:

There are different types of transfers which are used by the organization:

i)                    Shift transfers: in case of multi shift, the employees may be shifted from one shift to another due to any personal reasons.

ii)                   Remedial transfer: such a transfer is done to rectify the error done in the wrong placement of the employee.

iii)                 Versatility transfer: such kind of transfer is done to help the employee to learn different kind of task, to help him to prepare for future promotions.

iv)                 Production transfers: this type of transfer is done in case where there is surplus of manpower in one department while the need of manpower in other department. It prevents lay off of the employees.

I hope you understood the concept of transfer and its types.


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