Human Resource Management

Concept and aims of development

Concept of Development:

Development in the organization for executives is called executive or management development. It is the process by which managers acquire not only skills in their present job but also capabilities to handle future managerial tasks. Management development is a planned, systematic and continuous process of learning. It looks for development of present managers. All the potential managers who may be promoted should be prepared for move through the process of executive development.

 Aims of executive development:

i) To increase the knowledge of the executives.

ii) To improve the performance of managers in their present position.

iii) To keep in reserve well-trained managers for future needs.

iv) To change the organization by developing the executives.

v) To give the opportunity to the managers for career development.

vi) To give the opportunity to the executives in updating their knowledge and skills.

These are the concepts and aims of development or executives development.

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