Human Resource Management

What is method study

Work study is further classified into method study and work measurement.

Method study is a systematic method of analyzing the method of doing a job including human movements involved in it. So it is the process of analyzing the methods involved in work flow to increase productivity. It deals with doing the work in a better way, with less time and effort. That is why it is also termed as work simplification.

There are different techniques of method study. On such technique is work measurement which helps in knowing the time required doing every operation and another technique is process analysis which deals with the sub division of the process of manufacturing into its basic elements. This enables in simplification of work.

This is the concept of method study.

Procedure of method study:

1) Identification of the work to be studied.

2) Collection of data about existing method.

3) Critically analyzing the collected data.

4) Development of most economical method.

5) Implementation of new method.

6) Evaluating its efficiency.

These are the steps in procedure of method study.

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