Marketing Management

Marketing planning and its aims

Marketing plan is the written document which contains the necessary guidelines regarding the firm’s marketing programmes and policies along with their allocation over the planning period.

A written plan is a very important for the successful communication within the organization, in the areas like manufacturing, sales, production, finance, distribution etc.

Marketing plan is generally prepared by every concern, for every product or brand. The time period of the planning varies from product to product. The company can prepare one the marketing plan for one product or for the entire product range. Like haldiram’s marketing plan is same for the entire product range rather than one marketing plan for each product. Marketing plan depends vary from organization to organization. As some organizations have only an outline of overall plan, while other may have detailed plan along with product history.

 There can be long range planning or short range planning. The long range planning is    done by top management. It is generally for 3to 5 years. The short range planning is    done by middle management. It is generally for 1 years or less. But they must be compatible to long range plans.

 Aims or objectives of Marketing planning

1)      To encourage careful thinking.

2)      To establish the objectives.

3)      To mention the current situation of the product.

4)      To define the opportunities and threats.

5)      To maintain the programmes to achieve the required objectives.

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