Marketing Management

Marketing organization and its types

Marketing organization

After marketing planning there is the need of marketing organization. There are various types of organization structure, which may be on the basis of function, territory and product basis. Apart from all three there may be divisional organization in case of big companies.

  According to Peter Drucker, “organization is not an end in itself it is a   means to an     end.”

   Types of marketing organization

1.)    Functional organization:- it is one of the common form of organization. All the activities are divided into line and staff functions. for eg. Under staff function sales manager, marketing manager, production manager act as specialist and the line functions are given to sales department. Manager looks after the work of line and staff function. But the main drawback of this type of organization is that no one is responsible for the activities of the company.

2.) Product oriented or brand management organization:-in this type of organization, the companies producing multiple products have individual manager to look after the product and he develop the strategy related to the product, responsible for the product, do advertising, promotion, distribution only for that product.

3.) Geographical or market or territory oriented organization:- this type of organization is made in case the company is selling the product worldwide. In this case the people are assigned the job to a particular location, country, region, state, district which depends upon the area. It may be three tier, two tier etc.

4. Divisional or complex organization:- usually big organizations have combination of all the above three types of the organization that’s why such type of organization is called complex organization.

Therefore, all these are various types of marketing organizations.

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