Marketing Management

Marketing environment

 Marketing environment is very important in marketing management. It is uncontrollable and ever changing. So for the success of the company it is very essential to regularly monitoring the marketing environment. It consists of:-

1) Intraorganizational environment

2) Micro environment

3) Macro environment

4) Global environment

 Marketing environment mainly consists of:-

1) Micro environment:- for the success of the company it is very essential for the marketer to establish good relationship with the micro environment which effects the company a lot as these are controllable and the company can control their effect within a reasonable time. Micro environment consists of:

 i) Company:- it is the duty of the marketer to discuss the plans and policies of the company with the top management, research and development department, purchasing, manufacturing, selling and other departments. So that all the departments must have the clarity regarding what they have to do.

 ii) Suppliers:- Suppliers supplies the necessary raw material to the company. So the company must maintain good relations with the supplier otherwise there may be less of production which in turn results in unhealthy customer relations.

 iii) Marketing intermediaries:- first of all they include middleman who help in promoting, selling and distributing the goods to the ultimate consumer. They are generally known as agents, dealers, whole-sellers, retailers, brokers. Secondally, they include physical distribution firms with there help it is possible for the manufacturer to move the goods from factory to their destination. Next comes the warehousing firms which are used for storing and protecting the goods. Then there are transportation firms which help in moving the goods. Market service agencies which help in consultancy, research, advertising etc. financing firms provide help in insuring the risk associated with the buyer.

 iv) Customers:- customers likes and dislikes changes very fast so the company must be aware of the likes of customer on regular basis.

 v) Competitors:- marketer must have the knowledge about their competitors and their strength and weakness to have competitive advantage.

 vi) Public:-the company must maintain cordial public relation for this they must maintain public relation department to get the information from the customers.

 2) Macro environment:- Macro environment are uncontrollable. These are difficult to control. These are:

 i) Demographic environment:- it covers the income, age, sex, life style, qualification, marital status of the prospective customers. The marketer must keep in mind all these factors on the basis of which he can make market segmentation. Like men’s market, women’s market.

 ii) Economic environment:– the marketer must study the purchasing power of the consumer, inflation, changing consumer pattern, real income, low saving etc. as all this effect the buying capacity of the consumer.

 iii) Natural environment:- the marketer must be aware of the availability if the natural resources, their shortage and government policies relating to them.

 iv) Technological environment:-now a day no company can run successfully without technology up gradation. Therefore the marketer must aware of changing technology.

 v) Political environment:– growth of  not only the country but also of each and every company depends upon political stability of the country. Because all the marketing decisions are affected by political environment.

 vi) Legal environment:- the marketer must perform all the legal formalities and follow them accordingly.

 vii) Cultural environment:– it include the values, beliefs, perceptions, thinking of the consumer. All these affect the marketing decision and the marketer must have the knowledge about it.

Therefore all these are the important marketing environment which affects the company and its growth and it is necessary to keep an eye on them regularly.

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