Human Resource Management

How to increase the productivity

Definition of productivity:

Productivity means the ratio of output to input.

Higher productivity means the proper use of input and vice versa. Generally the productivity is the productivity of labour. It refers to output in ratio of input of labour. But in productivity, taking only labour as input is not right as it fails to take other factors of production. All of them, have combined influence on the total production or output. There are  various steps to increase productivity.

Steps or methods to increase productivity:

  1. To reduce wastage and increase productivity raw material of right quality should be used.
  2. Working conditions should be proper to increase productivity.
  3. Prop[er selection of workers should be done and they should be given proper training in use of raw material, machines.
  4. Latest machines should be used to increase productivity.
  5. Cordial relations should be there between management and the workers.
  6. Workers having good record of productivity should be rewarded suitably.
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