Marketing Management


What is E-Marketing:

With the rapid growth of internet, popularity of personal computer and broadband all over the world has helped a lot to the marketer by promoting and selling the product through e-marketing. E-marketing means doing the business with the help of computer.

The concept of e-business was coined by IBM, means business activities through the use of computer and internet. It helps in attracting right customers. E-marketing starts from the business environment and creates the plan that helps the company to accomplish its goals. The technology of e-marketing transforms the marketing strategy which results in adding consumer value and Increase Company’s profit.

 Advantages of e-marketing:

  1. Shift of power from buyer to seller.
  2. Distance has been removed.
  3. Anywhere anytime delivery.
  4. Easy accessible.
  5. Economical.
  6. Even a small company can enter with e-marketing.
  7. No limitation of space, resources and staff.
  8. A variety of products can be offered through a single website.
  9. Promotion and communication cost has been removed.

10.   Convenient shopping.

 Disadvantages of e-marketing

  1. Sometime not suitable for all types of products.
  2. Every year cost of updating the website has to be paid.
  3. There is also a lot of struggle in making business.
  4. There is the possibility of hacking the website.
  5. There may be restriction regarding credit card payment.

Types of e-marketing

There are mainly three types of e-marketing.

1.)    Business to business marketing:- under business to business marketing one business organization sell their products to other business organization through internet.

2.)    Business to customer marketing:- in business to customer marketing goods and services are sold from the business organization to the customer directly.

3.)    Customer to customer marketing:- in customer to customer marketing customers themselves sell their products to the other customers. Like e-bay.

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