Marketing Management

Definition marketing

Hello, we all are familiar with the term marketing. But do we really know marketing definition or meaning and how the term originated. Today I am going to discuss the same.

 The word market is derived from the Latin word “marcatus” which means a place where business is done. Thus it means that the market is the place where goods or services are exchanged by money or by anything else. Earlier the market was called the seller’s market as the sellers themselves make the product of their wish and sell it in the market they don’t even bother about consumer likes or dislikes they just manufacture goods as per their wish. But today’s market is the buyer’s market as the customer has complete power in his hands. He is treated as “GOD” therefore it is very important for the survival of the seller to make the goods according to the like of the consumer.

I hope you must have understood the definition of marketing. In the near future, I will write different articles related to management like marketing management, financial management, HRM, etc. I hope you will like the articles and provide the feedback for further improvement.

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