Human Resource Management

Concept of time study

Concept of time study in HRM:

Time study is the art of recording the time required to perform a motion or a series of motion. It determines the standard day’s work by finding the amount of time needed by the workers to perform the various operations. It is done by measuring the time with a stop watch to check how long a work takes time to perform each operation of the job. After measuring the time for various operations of a job allowance should be made for fatigue and visits to attend necessary calls.

Advantages of time study:

1) It helps in determining the ideal workload on the workers.

2) The set standard may be used for judging the performance of the workers.

3) It helps in making suitable incentive wage plans to motivate the workers to increase their productivity.

4) It helps in knowing the cost if they are based on the results of the time study.

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