Human Resource Management

Concept of Induction

Meaning of induction:

Induction or orientation is an important part of the process of socialization of new employee of the organization. It is process of welcoming the new employee and making him feel like a home and generate in him the feeling of belongings to the organization. After the selection of the employee the organization communicate to him the policies, procedures rules and regulation of the organization. If the induction process is done in an effective manner than it will be able to reduce the employee turnover and bring favorable attitude in the employee.

Aim of induction:

1) The first main aim of induction is to give the employee information about the organization policies, procedures, rules and regulations.

2) Its aim is to bring a feeling of belongings in the employee.

3) It also helps him in giving the information about his place of work and type of work is required from him.

4) Its aim is to bring a close relationship between a new and old employee.

5) It also aims in building the confidence of new entrant that he may become an efficient employee.

Induction program:

Induction programme may be formal or informal in case of informal induction programme the employee a just given the brief information about the type of work is required from him it is generally done in case of small organizations while the formal induction programme there is a proper information about the organization its rule, regulations, policies, procedures and the goal of the organization. Along with this the employee is given the information about the place of work, type of work demanded from him.

The formal induction programme consists of the information about the company history, products of the company, company’s organization structure, personnel policies etc. there are different methods of induction like induction guide with talk plus pictures or charts, motion pictures, visual aids can also be used by the company.

I hope you understood the concept of induction or orientation, its aim and induction program.

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