Human Resource Management

8 processes of human resource planning

Human resource (HR) planning or manpower planning is a continuous process. The human resource manager is required to revise the employment policies from time to time for achieving the best results. Human resource planning/ manpower planning process involve the following steps:-

1. Objectives of human resource planning: human resource planning must be matched with overall organizational plans.  It should be concerned with filling future vacancies rather than matching existing personnel with existing jobs.

2. Current manpower stock: Current manpower stock must be continuously maintained by every department. Manpower inventory must have the detailed bio data of each individual . this record not only help in employee development but also in the finding out the surplus/ shortage of manpower.

process of hr planning

3. Demand/ supply forecasting: firstly the organization must check the demand of manpower after every one year, two-year so on. For this purpose employment trends to show the number of employees on payroll during last say three years to show the trend.

Replacement needs arise due to the death, retirement or termination of the employees.

Growth and expansion helps in creating a number of positions at work place.

After the demand forecasting it is also important to check the supply of the different type of personnel for this purpose human resource audit, replacement charts can be prepared.

4. Determining net requirement: human resource manager must check the demand and supply of the manpower before deriving at any conclusion.

5. Redeployment and redundancy: in redeployment the surplus employees in one department can be transferred to another department where deficit of employees estimated and in case of redundancy where surplus employees can not be redeployed they can be offered voluntary retirement scheme.

6. Employment programme: here it is required to prepare programmes of recruitment, selection, transfer and promotion to achieve organization goal.

7. Training and development: it is very necessary for the employees to keep them updated in the job they are doing.

8. Evaluation of Human resource planning: after doing all the above steps it is necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of human resource planning.

Thus, the above mentioned steps are important steps for the process of human resource planning.

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