Self Management

5 self management skills to get success

We all want success. We all dream to be big and be celebrities like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, or like a successful actor or any other successful person in this world. Life is only for today not for tomorrow. Thus live life-like it will not come tomorrow. You may achieve all the success in life with self management. Let us discuss them one by one:

1.       Do not sit but move and fly: It is always good to fly. By sitting only you will never achieve anything. There is a famous saying that risk never taken is the biggest risk. Analyze your strengths, try to increase them by constant practice and hard work.  But remember do whatever you feel without harming anyone.

2.       Be the self-leader of your life: Do not always seek other advice. It is good have advice but apply your thinking also. Try to do experiments, what may maximum happens, you may not win but at least you have tried. Do not allow others to be your leaders always.

3.       Accept Challenges: Remember life is not enjoyable without challenges. One has to accept challenges for growth.  If the target is difficult, go step by step. One never directly goes to Olympics without participating in many other national and international events.

4.       Plan the things: Planning is utmost necessary to achieve a minor to major targets. Without planning one is almost certain not to achieve success.

5.       Learn from mistakes and success: There is always learning experience from mistakes and success. Mistakes are bound to happen when you will try for something. If you are not trying, you will not get anything. That is you have to try to achieve. Do not let failures to give you negative energy and do not let the success to dominate you.

These are the five basics self management skills to achieve success.

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