Difference between performance appraisal and job evaluation

There are many differences between performance appraisal and job evaluation. Let us discuss them:

1) Performance appraisal is concerned with comparative merit of individuals. While job evaluation analysis the job not take into account the individual abilities of the job holder.

2) It considers the individual abilities while job evaluation considers the requirement of the job in terms of job specification and job description.

3) The purpose of performance appraisal is to take the decisions regarding the pay, transfer, promotion etc. while the purpose of job evaluation is to determine the worth of the job.

4) Performance appraisal rates the man not the job but job evaluation determines the relative worth of the job.

5) Performance appraisal helps in making decision like transfer or promotion while job evaluation helps in making decisions regarding wage policy.

These are the main differences between performance appraisal and job evaluation. If you know more, then please share.

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